1. In this example, I configured ‘3p Fulfilled Snowboard’ as my ‘item in the cart.’ As soon I saw that the ‘AI Suggestion‘ button had just appeared. Now, if I click the AI suggestion button, that will populate the Coss-Sell/Upsell products for me. You can see that It is populated with Ski Wax regular and Ski Wax special in the  Coss-Sell/Upsell section. You can also configure all of them manually. For this example, I will keep one AI suggestion for ‘CrossSell/UpSell Item 1’, and I will select ‘Oxygen Snowboard’ manually for ‘CrossSell/UpSell Item 2’.
  2. In the settings, I configured to show the second offer when the 1st offer is declined by the buyers.
  3. You need to select “PlusCheckout” in settings > Checkout > Post-purchase page section. Please watch this to learn more. But here is the screenshot where you can set it.
  4. Your configuration and all the setup are complete. Now, if the buyer purchased a 3p Fulfilled Snowboard, you will see the buyer will be offered Ski Wax after he completes his purchase.
    The next offer shown below which Ski Wax:
  5. Let’s decline this offer and see if the 2nd offer has been shown or not. I can see after declining the first offer, 2nd offer appeared, and as I chose the settings, to showed the next offer all the time.
  6. Let’s accept this and choose to pay now. I am asked whether I should proceed. This is Shopify’s recommended best for a better user experience.
  7. Let’s click proceed now. I can see the purchase has been completed.