Product recommendation as the name suggested, lets your shoppers to buy recommended products, you configure. The difference between Shopify built in product recommendation embedded in Shopify theme or other themes is that you can configure your product of choice for your shoppers to buy. In addition, you can also apply a lot of customization in PlusCheckout Product recommendation.

Let’s follow step by step process on how we can configure a product recommendation.

Step by Step Process:

  1. Let’s go to product recommendation tab and click ‘New Recommendation’ button.
  2. It will bring the next section where we will configure the mani item and recommended items. Main item the product when user will visit that product page recommended items will be shows. Once you select the recommended items, you have the option to configure when the recommended products will be added to cart, it will redirect to the cart or stay in the same page.
  3. I selected “liquid snowboard” as as my main item and “hydrogen snowboard” and “oxygen snowboard” as my recommended items. I also selected stay on the same page option. So, when shopper will add them into the cart, it will stay in the main product page.
  4. Now we need to customize the product page or product page template to add the product recommendation section to make it appear for the shoppers. So, let’s click customize template button.
  5. In the customizer to add product recommendation, you need to 1)Click add section under template 2) Then Select Apps tab and finally 3) select Product recommendation.
  6. Once you select product recommendation, you will see that you can apply customization as you want. For this example, I change the recommendation title to ‘Frequently bought together’ and change some button text and button background color.
  7. I save it. Now let’s visit the page in store front. As you can see product recommendation is working as expected.


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