The product combo feature offers to create a virtual combo product. The benefit of a virtual product is that you do not need to create a physical combo product and manage a separate inventory of that product. As it is virtual, you can combine your physical products to create a virtual combo product, and it will maintain your combo product inventory based on the inventory of your physical products that you have combined in your virtual combo product. Let’s follow step by step process on how we can configure a product combo.

Step by Step Process:

  1. Before starting the product combo, it is recommended that you follow the template suggestion to create one liquid file called ‘pluscheckout-product-combo-page.liquid’ under the sections folder and one JSON file called page.pluscheckout-product-combo.json under the templates folder in your theme. You may be able to use default template if your theme gives you the ability to make enough customization to your page creation using default template. In this example, I will follow template suggestion to create those two files. Here is a section of the tutorial video how you can create those 2 files.
  2. After creating those files, you can see that ‘pluscheckout-product-combo’ is selected automatically under page template dropdown.
  3. Now let’s create the product combo named WaterBoard combo by selecting 2 products which are namely hydrogen Snowboard and oxygen Snowboard. Let’s also fill up the images and video type to ‘Shopify CDN URL’ and paste the video link and save the template.
  4. In the next step we need to customize the page with the information we save here. So, let’s click ‘customize template button’. It will take us to the customize combo page where we need to configure the template to make product combo appear in the combo page.
  5. Once you click the customize template button, it will take you to the customizer section. Here you need clicl ‘add section’ under template, then click ‘Apps’ and then select ‘product Combo Single’.
  6. Change your design as you want. Please note this is a single combo product page you can share as your marketing or SEO promotions. The benefit of combo products is that you can create virtual ones without making an extra product in the Shopify Admin area.
  7. Let’s see the combo product page in action. If you click on the ‘preview link’ it will take you to the product combo page. If you click on the ‘add to cart’ you will see both the products creating combo are added to the cart. Visit this link to see product page in action:


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