• When I test my discount code, it is not working. Why?

Ans.: Please check when you created the automation. Automation should be active for the order that is placed after the automation date. That day(the day of automation creation) or after that day, you should be starting Social Ad or distributing the product insert cards or some other way of informing user about your complementary products to come and buy/get it from your Shopify store.

  • When someone create some discount on some order using manual process what will happen when ASINs related to those orders will be attached with an automated process later?

Ans.: If you created a few manual discounts for a ASIN, and want to automate the ‘discount creation’ later for that ASIN, in automatic process tab, it will inform you to remove the manual discount creation first. Just clicking on ‘Yes remove manual discounts’ button will take care of this for you. It is to protect mixing manual and automatic process with different discount templates.