We will optimize your amazon advertisements based on the ‘advertisement cost per sales’ for a campaign. For example, we can assume a scenario where, Keyword-1 is costing more than break-even for the user, and thus he ends up losing money. Keyword-2, on the other hand, is more cost-effective based on his ACOS. So, the user should move this keyword from broad to exact and increase the bid a little. That will help him to be ahead of his competitors.

Keywords also change from time to time, season to season, causing more profitable or costly for the user. So, it needs continuous monitoring and optimization to favor sales.

Just think about these use cases for 15/20 products. It is a tiresome, painful process and also not efficient for the business. Our app will continuously monitor your keywords for a period, (based on your input) and optimize the keyword ‘type’, ‘adding’ or ‘removing’ it automatically for you (or just proposed the optimization suggestion based on your preference). The app will take the ad optimization part, and you can focus on selling and innovating.